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Harbour Information

Harbour Information

A former fishing and cargo port Banff is now used as a recreational harbour. Banff offers excellent facilities to both regular and visiting users. The marina now provides 92 berths, of which 76 are serviced pontoon berths and 16 traditional moorings.

The outer basin offers adequate berthing for the visitor and a tidal area for regulars. Fresh water is available on non-pontoon quays, a small repair / painting pad at the top of the middle basin, two storage compounds and car parking adjacent to the harbour.

There are two storage compounds, one of which has the possibility of crane access for removal and emergency repairs. Winter storage is available for regular users only. Laundry facilities are available in the Harbour Offices. Showers and toilets, including disabled facilities are available at the Harbour Offices. Access to the toilet/showers is available to harbour visitors on a 24/7 basis.

Harbour Depth

The entrance to the harbour is very shallow during low water springs restricting the majority of boat movements. Boat movement during low water neaps is adequate for shallow drafted boats. All serviced pontoon berths are floating at low water springs. Harbour access may be taken four hours plus or minus from high water springs.

General Directions

Vessels entering or exiting the harbour are to ensure vessel propulsion systems are fully operational and the vessel has full operational maneuverability enabling safe entry and exit of the harbour

Banff Harbour Business Plan

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