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Banff Construction Work – Update 20/04/23

Banff Harbour Update:
Folks, the dredging operation is going well and the Wyre Sands vessel has removed 100 tonnes of soft sediment in its first few days of operation. If you are passing the harbour you may see it working in the entrance channel and the outer basin.
Keith Simpson stonemasons are now level with the end of the railway jetty on the East Pier decking stones and progressing well.
All the accessible bund material has been removed with any further excess material being removed by the dredge operation.
Now that the bunds material is out and the dredger has removed some excess material from the foot of the East Pier we have some further work to encase the lower footing of the wall. During the initial stages of the project some of the loose and friable bed rock was broken out leaving small recesses at the base of the new wall. This will be encased by a concrete shutter, mostly below the water line, to ensure a cohesive toe to the pier as per the original design. This couldn't be done until all the infill aggregate and silt was removed, which is now.
Shearwater Marine will be returning in May to fit the new replacement ladders and drainage flapper valves and will also conduct this East Pier base shuttering over the ensuing 4-6 week period into June. Some dive work will require vessel movement restriction's but we will have complete overnight and daily safe passage windows including every second weekend. We shall clearly communicate this in a timely manner to all vessel owners both here and via the notice board at the harbour.
We plan to start receiving boats back into the mariner starting around the second week of May. As per our promise only full months will be charged for berthing which will commence from July pro rata when vessel movement restrictions are lifted.
One final note, some of you may have observed in the attached photo the squared off foundation to the South side of the railway jetty that is jutting out. This will be removed if possible so it is not a navigation risk at low water. Otherwise it will be clearly marked.
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