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Harbour Information

Harbour Information

Extending to 7200m2 and offering 330m of quay space, Gourdon is a double harbour where the main section is totally given over to fishing and the original, or Gutty Harbour, is used by pleasure craft.  There is a small fleet of inshore trawlers and creel boats. It was the last harbour in Scotland to have a fleet of boats working small lines baited with mussels, and fish can still be bought at the harbour.

Gourdon is a south facing harbour with protective storm gates, the entrance to the Gutty Harbour is rocky and can be difficult to navigate but the main harbour entrance is more accessible.

Harbour Depths

Both Harbours dry out at low tide and it is advisable to consult the Harbour Master about arrival times and access.

General Directions

Vessels entering or exiting the harbour are to ensure vessel propulsion systems are fully operational and the vessel has full operational maneuverability enabling safe entry and exit of the harbour