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Harbour Advice

Some helpful hints for harbour users for your safety and information:

  • The Harbour Master is in charge!
  • Keep slipways clear
  • Obey speed restrictions
  • Act with common sense
  • Demonstrate good seamanship
  • Consult Admiralty Charts
  • Display slipway user ticket if applicable
  • Payment of slipway fee does NOT include right to quayside berth
  • Sailboards to be used outwith harbour limits
  • Harbour Byelaws are in operation
  • If in doubt, contact the Harbour Master
  • Dispose of garbage and refuse with care
  • In Moray, there is a 3 knot speed limit in each harbour / port
  • If you see any vessel in trouble or have cause for concern, contact the Coastguard either by dialling 999 or from a vessel by calling Aberdeen Coastguard on Ch. 16 VHF. Routine weather information can be obtained by either telephoning Aberdeen 01224 592334 or calling on Ch. 16 VHF and transferring, after contact, to the working channel Ch. 67.
  • Easy Tides - Worldwide Tidal Prediction Service
    EasyTide is the UKHO's free online Tidal Prediction Service, offering tidal predictions for over 6,000 ports worldwide.
  • The Directory of North East Council Harbours is available from any Harbourmaster and the Local Roads Offices in Banff and Stonehaven