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Harbour Information

Harbour Information

There may be some restrictions for deeper drafted vessels during spring tides, so it is advisable to Contact Harbour Office on VHF Channel 12 or telephone for advice prior to entry during these times. The harbourmaster can be contacted for pilotage advice (non-compulsory).

Macduff is primarily a commercial fishing and maintenance port. There is a large fishing fleet which operates from Macduff and the harbour accommodates a substantial amount of all vessel types for repair and maintenance. The harbour has a completely enclosed Fish Market which facilitates fish landing on a daily basis.

Fishing vessels are permitted to land fish/shellfish at Macduff in accordance with Marine Scotland Notice requirements of 4 hours.

A chill facility is located at the harbour which will hold approximately 370 boxes. A flake ice Facility opened in summer 2020. The new flake ice facility delivers ice from a raked ice unit to the vessel via a pneumatic delivery system. A Forklift is available to assist vessels with fish landing or other tasks.

Macduff Slipway

Recently modernised, the slipway has 4 hydraulic vertical arm boat cradles that travel on a primary haulage cradle. The vessels remain on the vertical arm boat cradles during their time on the slipway. The maximum size of vessel handled is 350 tonnes, 25 metres length and 10 metres beam.

Macduff Shipyards

The local Macduff Shipyards construct steel hulled fishing vessels as well as traditional wooden boats. In recent years the yard has diversified into other types of vessels from work boats, pilot boats and survey craft but also consolidating its position in the fishing vessels industry. Alongside the shipyard, Macduff Shipyards Group have facilities for crane hire, profilers, precision engineering, deck machinery, stern gear, deep sea seals as well as projects and builds.

Renewable Potential

Macduff is ideally placed for the operations and maintenance vessels which will service the Moray Firth offshore wind developments. Macduff is positioning itself as a fast response destination supported by a comprehensive range of contractors. Power has been provided on the quayside capable of handling any equipment which is brought alongside. The harbour has a fully serviced warehouse loading area ready for use with full vehicle access to the shore side and quay access on the other in order to facilitate the rapid deployment of equipment to offshore destinations.

General Directions

Vessels entering or exiting the harbour are to ensure vessel propulsion systems are fully operational and the vessel has full operational maneuverability enabling safe entry and exit of the harbour.

In the event that local port wind speeds exceed 35 knots in a Northerly direction then the Harbourmaster has to be consulted prior to vessel entry or exit.

Harbour Limits


Macduff Harbour Masterplan

View the Master Plan for Macduff Harbour