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Services & Facilities

Port Facilities

SLIPWAY - 4 hydraulic vertical arm boat cradles that travel on a primary haulage cradle. Maximum size of vessel handled is 350 tonnes, 25 metres length and 10 metres beam.


WORKING HOURS - Open 24hrs / 7 days a week.

WEIGHBRIDGE - The harbour has a 60 tonne weighbridge located on Watts Lane between the Fishmarket and the Slipway.

BUNKERING - Only by road tanker.

CHANDLERY - Available through local suppliers.

CRANE HIRE - Available through local contractors.

FRESH WATER / ELECTRICITY - Available on Shore Quay and Fishmarket.

HARBOUR MINIMUM DEPTHS - Entrance Channel 3.05m below MLWS (-2.25m CD)
Outer Basin 3.05m below MLWS (-2.25m CD)
Inner Basin 2.43m below MLWS (-1.63m CD)

PILOTAGE - Non-compulsory.

SECURITY - The harbour is covered by CCTV cameras and manned 24/7 by harbour staff.

SHIPS PAINTERS - Available through local contractors.

SHIP REPAIRS - Marine and electrical repairs undertaken by local contractors.

SHIPS STORES - Available through local contractors.

YACHT / PLEASURE CRAFT STORES - Local suppliers available



  • recreational area and boating pond at Tarlair
  • golf course
  • fishing
  • Post-Office
  • caravan site
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • garage
  • library
  • arts centre
  • bowling
  • tennis
  • squash
  • sea angling
  • pleasure trips
  • shops
  • a modern aquarium