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Macduff Harbour Fishing News


As part of our regeneration strategy for Macduff, we are formally announcing the waiver of all fish landing fees at Macduff Harbour for one year from 1st April 2024 to 31 March 2025.

This is to provide stimulus into the Macduff fishing fleet and assist local fishing vessel owners by reducing overheads, in particular the cost of transportation of produce to market.

Looking forward with our strategy for Macduff Harbour, if sufficient support is gained from fishermen via berthing and fish landing totals during this coming year we will evaluate opportunities to reopen the Macduff fish market with an online digital fish auction to access UK, Euro and World markets directly. This will further enhance the experience and reduce overheads for a Macduff fishing fleet by selling direct. Via this process the Harbour Authority will recoup some of the lost income from waiving fish landing fees by applying it to fish sales.

Any vessels permanently berthing in MacDuff harbour will also receive an incentive via priority slipping when space and availability allows.

Macduff continues to run a 24/7 manned service with a 3m depth throughout the outer and middle basins, a re-engineered and working Ice Plant delivering 7 tonnes of flaked ice per day, two recently installed fish chillers, a 5 tonne forklift for receiving and moving cargo and hire of a fish landing table with 4 main ship service points for shore power on the South quay.

Ship design, maintenance and engineering is on site through Macduff Shipyards and other specialist contractors, and our 4 berth 350 tonne slipway which has recently been upgraded to allow 10m+ beamed vessels.

For details please contact our Area Harbour Master North, Duncan Mackie on 07747 020496.