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Consultation on Developing Harbours Economic Development Plans

Economic development plans for Aberdeenshire harbours - Survey

Closing Date is now 25th August
MKA are now surveying the views of individuals, groups, and businesses.
This is a critical phase of the study to gain the views of relevant stakeholders: harbour users, service providers, businesses close to any of the seven harbours
The stakeholder survey provides the basis for the consultation exercise and can be accessed online at:

The plans will offer a robust economic assessment of investment opportunities and new business potential. They will be accessible and available for consultation and strategic guidance by the council, harbour stakeholders, and the public.
This exercise does not replace or replicate other studies completed at each harbour. The focus is to produce five-year development plans for all seven harbours, seeking to build on previous work and to guide the next five years of development at each harbour.
All responses will be aggregated, and individual responses will therefore be confidential.
The survey closes on Friday 18th August 2023
If you would like to find out more about the survey, you are welcome to contact the project co-ordinator MKA Economics directly: